Christmas is perhaps my favourite festive season. Time when everything and everyone calms down a bit and we reflect upon the year passed.


Here I am on Christmas eve, sipping a glass of mulled wine near blazing fire as I am writing my last blog in 2016.


It's been quite a U-turn year for me... both relationship and work. I met some great people, I lost few people, I did amazing things which I never dreamt or believed I was able to do, I set the goals and achieved them but most important, I finally got my priorities straight: I now understand the exact direction my business and life should go in... Basically, I feel I am evolving and this is such an empowering feeling! To be frank, there were moments when I felt I was stuck due to the fact I am always looking for ''Perfect Me'' (and there is no such thing). But I've learned fast and hard there are no perfect people or perfect moments as perfect moment is NOW and perfect you is you TODAY.


So I wish you in new year more self-acceptance as eventually it makes you a better and happier version of yourself and as a result makes those around you happier too! I also wish all of you guys happiness, health, prosperity, more time with your family, great friends, genuine smiles and wonderful emotions and may all of your (even wildest) dreams come true! Enjoy time with your dear ones and I hope this year brings everything you are hoping for. 


Merry Christmas and happy New Year! See you on the other side : ) 


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Christmas is nearly here!