Christa cards

They have finally arrived... New chapter, new Christa, new cards.


Christa cards. 


Admittedly, I've been sitting on fence about those for long. 


Rebranding kept me stuck and then (being a lover of everything minimalistic) I was struggling to find the right company to do the job. 


Now there are lots and lots of great companies in UK who are able to create fab stationery for you but few and far between really understand that less is actually more (c) and know how to present your brand in unfussy and cool fashion. 


Turnaround was less than 2 weeks and here they are: gorgeously sleek, old original letterpress, velvety soft (but nicely heavy) new cards! If I'd have to choose one word, it would be ''elegance''. 


I am so pleased that after much research I was able to find true professionals, enthusiastic and lovely people who delivered exceptional service for exceptional time. You guys know who you are and I already left all reviews and feedback you deserve. If you need to update your cards or other print materials, don't hesitate to contact me, I have some recommendations for you. 


So excited, cannot wait to give them to all of my new and old clients! In fact, they feel so special, I cannot help touching them over and over again and almost feel sad to let them go (I know it's silly but such a quality stuff).  


Coming to the end of 2016 in style. Isn't it time to celebrate? : )