At the moment I am looking to expand my portfolio into Female (Beauty) Portraiture so I am in the search of unusual, photogenic types and beautiful faces.


The styles I am mostly interested in are Commercial, Natural Agency style, Fashion, and Lifestyle. I am also open to Lingerie, Pinup and Sheer as long as they are tasteful.


Please notice: as my primary profile is commercial photography, this project is going to be Trade or Time For Print (TFP) type of shoot. For your information, no money is ever exchanged for a TFP session, this is an agreement where photographer and model barter their services and time to each other in an even trade. Thus, your ''payment'' will be your time and skills as a model and my ''payment'' will be in the form of some beautiful, professionally retouched photos (also, optimized for web use) and model release will be required – parents or guardians will also need to sign for under 18 years olds.


Right now I am mostly shooting outdoors and locations may vary greatly from urban to rural environments depending on the project. The shoots can happen in all weathers, apart from heavy rain. In fact, I've got some ideas I'd like to explore for less conventional images... if I can find the right subjects!

Make Up Artist

For most TFP shoots I am not providing MUAs or Hair stylists. However, on occasion I may have a MUA who requests to work with me on TFP shoots in return for photos for their books. If one is available for your shoot, you will be informed in advance, otherwise you should always plan for the possibility that you have to do your own hair and make up.

Ditto for wardrobe: while we definitely have a telephone, text or personal chat prior to the shoot to discuss the shoot styling, it would be greatly appreciated if you bring various outfit/ accessories changes to achieve as many looks and genres as possible. 

Duration of the shoot

Allow 2 to 4 hours for a full model portfolio shoot, including travel to and from location(s).


It would be greatly beneficial if you can drive and can arrive independently to the location but if not, I have my own transport and can travel (as well as giving you a lift) within a reasonable distance.


1. Minimum 5 fully retouched images, usually more depending on the number of shots taken and different looks during the shoot.

2. Pre-sized and compressed for web versions of the images, ready to upload online.

3. Standard delivery of the final images is 2-3 weeks after the shoot. You can choose to get them via email or burned on a CD.

4. Limited release allowing the model to print and use the images for their own promotional purposes only, to build their portfolio books and other materials such as personal websites, modelling sites and social network sites such as Facebook. Unless otherwise arranged in advance, the model does not receive commercial rights to images created in a TFP shoots and all copyrights to the images are owned by the photographer. If anyone approaches you to use one of the images, please refer them to me and we will come to some agreement that way.

As mentioned earlier, the model also must sign my Standard Model Release, it will give me the right to distribute images created in a TFP session as Royalty Free Images.


Do you have a friendly, relaxed attitude and comfortable posing under direction and on your own? Capable working long hours and still fun to be around? Rather open-minded and ready for creative makeovers? No experience needed, just those qualities above and of course, your type of looks should be something I am looking for my next project.

If you feel you can be a suitable model for one of my shoots, then please email 2 pictures/ stats to and if you are considered, we will discuss all details together.