Hi, my name is Christina and I am the camera girl behind Christa Images.

No boring official bio, may my pictures speak for themselves! – this page is purely and utterly about all what makes me, ME. You know that feeling when you hire someone, then you wished you got to know them a little bit better first?

So here are


1. I am a Nikon girl. Canon is good but Nikon is... Nikon : )

2. I am a visual to my very fingertips and my background is in Fine Art: I used to study oil painting (I still paint occasionally) and I think it explains to some extent my artistic eye.

3. Perhaps the words people use most to describe my images are ''classy'', ''creative'' and ''contemporary''. The Christa Images 'house style' has developed from these three Cs emphasising best what the 'Christa' concept is all about.

4. I am a bookworm and no day passes without reading. Leo Tolstoy, Chekhov, Agatha Christie, Alexandre Dumas and Gerald Durrell are among my favourites to name just a few.

5. I like classic, refined, elegant style and muted, natural colours in everything: photography, clothing, cars, people, flowers and places. 

6. My recent passion is vintage and antique, I am in love with stories these old things can tell about themselves.

7. I'll probably sound commonplace now, but still. I love, LOVE travelling. I have not seen anything more beautiful and serene than the Maldives and I always enjoy flying as if it was my first time. Airplanes are ones of coolest machines ever!

8. My # 1 city is London. I've visited many capitals but London has got this thing about itself. The secret, I guess, is that London has it all: old fashioned charm and history, modern City skylines, world fashion, iconic fog and red buses, not to mention, the Queen. I always love to go back there. Bristol, my home city, is wonderful but London is my place of power and an inspiration hub.

9. Admittedly, I am a chocolate maniac. It is a guilty pleasure but then, I never was a fan of coffee, for example.

10. I am the biggest animal lover you have probably ever met! I adore them all (maybe apart from spiders ; ) and this is usually mutual. I can't help but talk to them in my self-invented, quirky language which always entertains my husband!